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An Open Letter to Pres. Obama Concerning His Next Supreme Court Appointment

Dear Mr. President,

In a few months two things will come to an end. The TARP Oversight Committee will come to an end, and six months after the TARP program comes to an end, the resignation of Justice Stevens from the Supreme Court will become effective.

What a wonderful, fortuitous coincidence. Elizabeth Warren's assignment as Chairman of the TARP Committee will come to an end just in time for her to go on the Supreme Court as Justice Stevens' replacement.

Why propose her for this position? Elizabeth is a Democrat, she is bright, she is articulate, she has an impressive resume as a legal scholar, and most of all, she understands the American family's predicament struggling in a society where both governmental policies and large business units are systematically working against it.

You might ask - why is understanding the plight of the American family so important? Put simply the family is most important building block of society, and it has to be given heightened attention in all governmental decision making - legislative, executive, and judicial. Currently functioning traditional families are given little or no consideration; in fact they are seen as the proper object of neglect or worse of sociological and economic experimentation.

Examples abound: low price imports flood the country causing American factories by the thousands to close, gay marriage is put on the same footing as traditional marriage, a family home can now be taken by the government and transferred to another private party for other than a public necessity, mothers and fathers lose the right to know if their teenage daughter is getting a abortion after school, no fault divorce allows quick dissolutions without any preliminary attempts to save the marriage, educational curriculums now require the respectful presentation of evolution but most families see the hand of a creator in the world about them but equal treatment of the two theories are not allowed, in a time of police actions (not declared war) a President can issue "stop loss orders" keeping fathers away from wives and children longer than expected causing blow ups and divorce, pornography floods the Internet, the new educational tool which children are required to use to accomplish their school assignments, etc.

No one knows how Elizabeth Warren might view, or rule on, any matters of this kind, but America knows she would certainly consider any decision's effect on the strength and durability of the American family.

In addition, Elizabeth Warren has demonstrated an ability to understand quickly and fully how much damage immoral, greedy business leaders can do to middle and low income people. She understands capitalism's strengths and weaknesses. She understands how evil people with specialized knowledge can sucker people into impossible financial situations that ruin their families' future prospects. In every litigation that reaches the Supreme Court the issues are refined by lawyers to the point where only the most well informed, broad gauged person can sees the "forest for the trees"; Elizabeth Warren promises to be one who can see long term consequences of various courses of action.

Ms Warren’s many remarks about the economy, home mortage abuse, and job distruction indicates she understands old time values and the human need for stability and fixedness in social and economic relationships. If she goes to the Supreme Court, she will be a force for a slow but steady push to return the needs of families to the center stage of American life.

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